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Clinica Dental Madrid KS

A Beautiful smile make all people happy
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Welcome to Clinica Dental Madrid KS.

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I am very conscious that for some people, it can be a traumatic experience going to the dentist. Therefore I use my time and skills, to prepare a an effective anesthetic, without pain.  In Clinica Dental KS,  I concentrate on how to give my patients a good treatment experience. My philosophy is to develop a relationship of trust in my skills with the patient

To ensure that everyone receive the treatment they need I keep my prices moderate . This possible because I have a small and well equipped Clinic,  and low operational costs ( I save on staff).

So I am looking forward to see you, family and friends at Clinica Dental KS, where I will show you going to the dentist, can be a pleasant experience.




DR. Kurt Sander DDS. Clinica Dental Madrid KS


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