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Why are people afraid for going to the dentist?

The fact is that surveys have shown that 40% off all people is afraid. The biggest problem for people, who don’t take care of their teeth, is because they are afraid for going to the dentist. For many off them the result is in an early age, that the teeth are in a terrible condition. When these people finally go to the dentist, is it because they have big problems, and many of them choose, just to make the dentist pull the tooth out. The result is that, they nearly in an early age off 5o years need to have artificial teeth.
My theory is that this situation could have been different. I think that the most common reason for this fear is that those people can’t take the pain. And after many bad experiences, this fear become worse and get associated with the sounds, the close, the smell etc. But it all starts with the pain.
Many dental Clinics try to change this, the sounds, the close relaxing music etc, and its all fine off course. But the main reason, which is the pain, is for many a little more difficult to change.
In my clinic, , I do a lot to change this. The fact is that to give people a effective anesthetic, takes time. My experience from 25 years working as a dentist, and the last 15 years in my own clinic, is that the time pressure is the most common reason, why dentists can’t give an effective anesthetic. When I was working in the big clinics, the time pressure was very high. And this is a problem. Because when you give the anesthetic you need to have time. Many times you have to give it more than one time, different places in the mouth, and there is waiting time between. So to do this, you need to have time. And that’s the most common problem, special for the big clinics. They don’t have this time. It will lower the income for them.
So as I see it, the time pressure and the economy is the biggest reason, why this situation is created. The shame is that the “victims”, is all those people, who have this bad experience , which have made there teeth in a very bad condition.

I try in my Clinic to lower the cost in other ways. I don’t have so much staff, and my Clinic is not so big. But its well equipped. So I can manage to take the time for my patients. Or you can say I can afford it. But I am much happier and more satisfied with my work now. And I know the result for my patients is much better.

Dr. Kurt Sander Clinica Dental Madrid KS

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